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12 Man-tastic Man Caves

stripper pole 300x266MyBadPad is at it again, this time detailing twelve “man-tastic” man caves. As an owner of a man-cave myself, I appreciate the level of thought these people put into their rooms. Whether filled with electronics, memorabilia, or any of a variety of games, I think they’re all winners. The twelve chosen all have a general theme to them, from the Mets, to Snoop Dogg, to Dale Earnhardt. Well except the last one, which really takes the word cave to a whole new level.

I’m impressed and slightly perplexed by the one with the Stripper Pole. I mean I like the idea, but how often does it get used? I guess I’ll have to visit to find out. You can read about all twelve from the article here.

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stripper pole
stripper pole 300x266
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