The Art of Balloon Guy Entertainment

Ballon art is normally reserved for children’s birthday parties and circuses. But the craftsmen over at Balloon Guy Entertainment take it a step further, lifting balloon art to a new level and earning the praise of those older than six years old. Their recent endeavor took them to Middle Earth… or actually brought Middle Earth into the living room, where they created Bag End, from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, using 2,600 balloons. Here’s a time-lapse video, also featured on

But that was hardly even a huge project compared to… this Tyrannosaurs Rex made of balloons.

This is the first of several videos on this. Check out more at their Youtube page.

Here’s a life-sized motorcycle they created:

More balloon art:

Read more about Ballon Guy Entertainment on their pages:

Website | Youtube | Facebook

Photos via Ballon Guy Entertainment.

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