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Fun With Google: Anything “Gay”

Aside from becoming profitable, google girlone of the biggest tussles for website companies is to get high search engine results and traffic for demographic-specific search terms. You know, because when you search for something, you’ve gotta add that you need it to be male-specific, or white people-specific.

Okay, maybe not that, but it’s certainly true for others, such as family-friendly, the honeymoon crowd, etc. With extensive research, I’ve discovered that one of the biggest wars going on for SEO (search engine optimization) is for gay-specific results, because gays search for gay things on the Internet, all the time. You know, like gay clubs, gay songs, gay travel, gay churches, gay art, gay porn, gay fill-in-the-blank.

(If you’re still reading, you’re either gay or have a clear interest in search engine optimization.)

For this column, Fun With Google, we like to take a look at what Google suggests when we start typing. That, too, is based on trends. So when you type the word “Gay ” into Google, it’ll give you some suggestions, and likely reflect what exactly people are looking for (note that Google doesn’t suggest anything porn-related, which I’m guessing would otherwise be the top result for all demographics).

Since homophobic nerds who are interested in SEO are reluctant to try it themselves – at least without clearing their search history and cache – Gunaxin will show you what Google has to suggest when gay-related search terms are typed into Google.

Picture 17Picture 22Picture 32(Note that Google has nothing to suggest when you type in “Lesbian” so either no one is searching for Lesbian-related things that aren’t censored, or no Lesbians use the Internet.)

Now for the featured search results. The first is for “Gay Test,” and the top result is, where you can take a test to see if you’re gay or not.

The second is “Homosexual Animals,” with the first result being a Wikipedia article on the subject (also read Gunaxin’s “Gay Animals in Nature“). Here’s a video, which I’m sure has already been seen by people who are either fascinated by nature, or who are perverts who enjoy homosexual bestiality.

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