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Indiana Jones Chalice of Kali Prop Coming!

400059 press02 001 560x438Ever since Indiana Jones drank blood from the Chalice of Kali in The Temple of Doom, I knew I wanted a prop replica of that thing. Who wouldn’t want a ceremonial head to drink blood out of (Blood not included. Then again, not sure if you can actually fill this thing)?

Fortunately, Sideshow Collectibles saw the potential in making a life-sized item of this guy, with a very modest price of $200.

According to the Indiana Jones Wiki, the Chalice of Kali is a chalice that holds the Blood of Kali, which makes the drinker act as a Thuggee.

The pre-order information is available on SideshowCollectibles.com.

And, the famous seen:

400059 press01 001

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