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Sexy Team Fortress Illustrations

Sexy Team Fortress 4 560x231God Bless the artistic gaming dorks. I have to admit that I was addicted to Team Fortress 2 for about 6 months of my life, but I don’t think I was ever tempted to see what the TF characters would look like if they were female. Maybe it’s because I am just not as creative and talented as these people. So while this is a bit weird, I just can’t look away, and it certainly conjures up thoughts of different meanings for the abbreviation “TF”. I guess these are the same people who create Cross Gender Superheroes.

Sexy Team Fortress 3 560x254

Sexy Team Fortress 1 560x290

Sexy Team Fortress 2 560x350

Sexy Team Fortress 5 560x345

Sexy Team Fortress 6 560x351Sexy Team Fortress Girls 560x336

Sexy Team Fortress 560x416

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