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Small Businesses Vying to Win Super Bowl Commercial

Screen Shot 2014 01 29 at 2.57.32 PM 560x192A 30-second television advertisement during the Super Bowl will cost $4 Million dollars this year. So giving one of those coveted spots to a deserving small business would be a pretty big deal. That is exactly what Intuit is doing with their Small Business Big Game campaign. America has submitted and voted, now there are four small business finalists vying for the coveted Game Day spot! Check out all four below:

GoldieBlox, of Oakland, Calif. – Is a toy company inspiring girls to push limits and think outside the box.

Locally Laid Egg Company, of Duluth, Minn. – Raises hens on pasture to produce healthier poultry and eggs.

Barley Labs, of Durham, N.C. – Produces all-natural dog treats in various flavors out of recycled barley from a local brewery.

POOP – Natural Dairy Compost, of Nampa, Idaho – Produces natural and odorless composted dairy manure for lawns, gardens and flowerbeds.

“What a wide-ranging and deserving group!” said Brad Smith, Intuit president and chief executive officer. “Tens of thousands of small businesses entered this contest, and these finalists demonstrate the breadth of entrepreneurship across the United States. Although the field is down to just four, this effort shined a light on the contributions and importance of all small business to our economy.”

Which do you think will take the grand prize and be featured during the Super Bowl? We’re rooting for GoldieBlox and POOP, because of course we are.

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