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Toy Box by Robert Burden

Robert Burden Art 12 560x314

Burden 187x300Robert Burden is an artist from California who has turned his childhood toy collection into a gallery worthy art exhibit. He calls the collection “Toy Box” and they are truly impressive pieces of art. The photo to the right gives you an idea what type of scale we’re talking about here :

My current paintings are large-scale portraits of the small action figures that I played with as a boy. I remember these figures as being magnificent. They represented power, beauty, good and evil, and they captured every aspect of my imagination. As a young adult, these toys are wonderfully nostalgic, but they’re no longer amazing to me. The patterns that adorn many of the canvases are often taken from fabric, carpet or wallpaper patterns from my childhood home.

We’ve selected some of our favorites to feature below, but definitely check out his site for the entire collection, and selection that are available as Limited Edition Prints.

Prepare to be even more impressed, as Robert records time-lapse videos of his creations as well. Check out this one of “Soldiers of Thundera” and several more on his site :

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