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Old School Transformers Box Art

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One of the coolest things about the original series of Transformers back in the 80’s was easily the great box and poster art that came with nearly each toy. I say nearly each because the little single blister-pack toys generally had just the card art. Still cool, but not quite as pronounced as the bigger box art from the more deluxe toys. Anyway, there is a wonderful site out there that features almost, if not all of the amazing US and Japanese art from all the main sets of the Transformers right here: botchthecrab.com. You really ought to check this place out, especially if you are, like me, a big fan of the Generation 1 Transformers. Here are just a few samples of what we children of the 80’s remember as the coolest (aside from the toys) parts of the Transformers.

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box battle 87 560x440So how about a quiz? Everyone loves quizzes, right? Well, this one’s a little tough since it’s based on one single panel from sets of instructions that came with all of the Transformers and showed you how to properly changes them from robot to vehicle or what have you without breaking of pieces. Now each of of these has only one correct answer and each is from a set of instructions from the Original Line of Transformers from 1984-85. If you feel you need to (ahem) cheat, the answers can be found at the link above. Have fun!

Quiz 1

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Quiz 2

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Quiz 3

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Quiz 4

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Quiz 5

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Quiz 6

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