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Odd Items… With a Shamrock

It seems like you can instantly make anything St. Patrick’s Day-ready by making it green or just pinning a shamrock to it. Because we can’t just turn anything green (easily, at least), pinning a shamrock on something will have to be the preferred choice. But where do we get shamrocks? They’re not just sitting in our backyard near the magic mushrooms. So instead, we’ll just have to buy things with shamrocks already on them. Let’s take a look at some of this ridiculous stuff:

Inflatable Beer Mug Cooler
51fw+XU8IRL. SL500 AA280

Leprechaun Beer Tap Handle
31mWFJg8fpL. SL500 AA250

Irish Shamrock Vintage Military Cadet Hat
51YuOTsYuBL. SL500 AA280

Plush Shamrock Beer Barrel Hat
41i r52dJ5L. SL500 AA280

Shamrock Playing Cards
31dkL1Ef9SL. SL500 AA280

Official Irish Beer Drinking Glove
41UJ+gKuZ2L. SL500 AA280

Flashing Shamrock Beer Mug
31Dzk+eKUWL. SL500 AA280

Wilton Shamrock 6 Cavity Silicone Pan
41bfl9l0GcL. SL500 AA280

Wilton 3 Inch Green Metal Shamrock Cookie Cutter
41mG5jK8TWL. SL500 AA280

Green Enameled Irish Shamrock Lucky Clover Sterling Silver Pendant
31qUNyQPCdL. SL500 AA280

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41i r52dJ5L. SL500 AA280  150x150
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