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GoPro Karma is more than a drone

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The quality and design of the Brydge is worthy of the product it was made to enhance.

The Pioneer Car Audio Upgrade
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The best $1K you can spend on your car this Christmas

How do you eneloop?
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Show Panasonic Your Stuff…  Enter for a Chance to Win!

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Sony Develops The Proton Pack
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The world’s first ghost catching device

Watching March Madness with Slingbox
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Don’t miss a minute of the action, use Slingbox to take the Tourney with you.

Lumsing Smart 5-Port USB Charger
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Everything charges via USB these days, charge smarter with the Lumsing.

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Best Place Online to Sell Your iMac, iPhone, MacBook or Other Device

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Personal memories of the good old Commodore 64.

Escort Max 360 : Hands-On
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We spend a week testing modern ticket protection from Escort.

Escort Max 360 : Modern Ticket Protection
December 11th, 2015 by

Radar & Laser Detection that includes GPS-powered Red Light & Speed Camera warnings.

Christmas Electronics of Yore
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Let’s remember some old electronics from our youths, shall we?

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LEIA 3D : Holographic Reality
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An exciting tool to put into the hands of developers.